Band Members:

Original Band Members

  • Joey Ramone (Jeffrey Hyman) – drums (1974), lead vocals
  • Johnny Ramone (John Cummings) – guitar
  • Dee Dee Ramone (Douglas Colvin) – bass guitar, vocals
  • Tommy Ramone (Thomas Erdelyi) – drums

The four original Ramones deserve full and complete credit for formulating the concept, sound, and fashion that had a tremendous impact on not only rock ‘n roll, but, the world in general. Together, the four former next door neighbors blazed a trail, from 1974 until 1978, by which time the RAMONES were fully established. Though the path had already been cut, these alternate musicians were brought in to help Johnny and Joey continue on, until they chose to retire in 1996:

  • Marky Ramone (Marc Bell) – drums (1978–1983, 1987–1996)
    Marc, hired when Tommy left the band in 1978, was replaced by Richie Ramone in 1983 and rehired in August of 1987. He was the only substitute musician inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with the original four members.
  • Richie Ramone (Richard Reinhardt) – drums, vocals (1983–1987)
    Richard joined the band after the release of Subterranean Jungle and is the only Ramones drummer, other than Tommy, to be the sole composer and writer of Ramones songs – the classic “Somebody Put Something In My Drink” being among them.
  • C. J. Ramone (Christopher Joseph Ward) – bass guitar, vocals (1989–1996)
    Christopher stepped into Dee Dee’s King-sized sneakers in 1989. His first show was September 30, 1989 and played with the band until they retired on August 6, 1996. He performed on three studio albums, and also contributed several original songs.
  • Elvis Ramone (Clem Burke) – drums (two gigs in 1987)
    Elvis is better known as Clem Burke, the drummer for Blondie. He stood in with the Ramones for two shows in 1987 – August 28 in Rhode Island and August 29 in New Jersey.