Queens Museum Scavenger Hunt

Are you hitting up the Ramones 40th Anniversary Retrospective at the Queens Museum?

Play the scavenger hunt by taking pictures and uploading to your Instagram with #Ramones40, and sending a copy to People who complete the hunt will have a chance to win Ramones swag.

Ramones Queens Museum Scavenger Hunt:

Album Cover: Leave Home

Find this album cover: Produced by Tony Bongiovi, this record dropped in 1977 and included the single ‘Swallow My Pride.’

All Access Pass:

Pizza Pizza Hey! This item would have gotten you backstage on a 1992 Tour.

Demo Reel:

Find this 5 inch reel: it holds the earliest renditions of your favorite Ramones’ songs.

Fan Art:

Come on now! Find the fan art that shows the band crunching on junk food.

Joey Report Card:

This item shows that Joey did “not function as a member of class” – maybe ‘Rock N Roll High School’ would have been a better fit?

Baseball Bat:

“Beat on the brat, beat on the brat, beat on the brat with a baseball bat.” The Ramones could sure score “a hit” with this item.

Ramones Frisbee:

Adorned with the band logo created by Arturo Vega along with the Ramones, ‘you can throw this if you wanna’ (But don’t. You’re in a museum!).

Tour Poster:

For only 350 petas, you could have seen Ramones play at the Plaza de Toros de Vista Alegre. Find the show poster.

Yoshitomo Nara Artwork:

Known for his paintings of a girl who has staring eyes, the Japanese artist  Yoshitomo made this artwork, featuring the name of Jim Fields’ Ramones documentary.

Dee Dee Art

‘Everything is going to be okay’ if you find the artwork containing 3 self-portraits of Dee Dee Ramone!

 Johnny Statue

Larger than life: find the replica of the statue originally carved by Wayne Toth. The real thing can found be at the site of the Johnny Ramone Tribute at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, CA.

 Tommy Business Card

“Go to work, it’s such a drag. Face the boss, he’s such a nag.” Tommy Ramone would have given this out while working for Stilus Production